Over-Fifty Entrepreneur

mission statement

Over- Fifty Entrepreneur is dedicated to bringing the best practices gained from decades of experience in small business, entrepreneurship, and startup companies to entrepreneurs over the age of fifty.


"Encore Career" is becoming a popular term describing a booming trend in the over-fifty workforce. Exploring new and different employment opportunites has become an attractive option for many of these highly experienced professionals.

Entrepreneurs over fifty -
a force to be reckoned with.

With one out of every three Americans now over the age of fifty, our culture is at the front end of a massive shift. Living longer and remaining active, millions of people will choose to either delay or supplement their retirements by continuing in the workforce.

Self-employment is a logical option for many over-fifty workers. Some choose to start a new "Encore Career" out of personal interest after completing family and first career obligations.

Others choose self employment out of necessity, a result of the reluctance of many companies to hire older employees.

One thing is for sure, however. Encore Entrepreneurship is a mega-trend of historic proportions for the United States. If you are over fifty and starting your own business, you are definitely not alone.

When you start your own business, everything changes. Now your success depends only upon you. It certainly isn't the right choice for everybody, but for many older workers it's now the best choice. The old days of guaranteed employee benefits and career longevity are over for most people in modern society. Further, many studies show that being actively engaged helps people live longer and lead more fulfilling lives.